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I haven't written about this before, but back in March, one of the birthday presents I got from my Dad was a complete Ashes to Ashes UK box set. A highly recommendable household addition for the interested viewer, btw., as the individual DVDs contain lots of special features, audio commentaries, fun bits, and last but not least subtitles for those whose ear isn't quite fully attuned to some of the more exotic UK accents.

And as these things usually go, owning of course lead to viewing, re-watch for me, first time experience for Cavendish who had only been familiar with the first season of Life on Mars so far. You've no idea how much I had to bite my tongue in order not to give away any crucial information and thus spoil his viewing experience. Lots of his speculations were awfully close, anyway. Talk about the advantages/disadvantages of being married to a rather smart person who knows how to read TV and cinema ;-)

As for my own impressions regarding AtA:

For a show building towards the revelation of an underlying central mystery, Ashes to Ashes is surprisingly re-watch friendly. Knowing how it all was going to end, didn't spoil my viewing experience in the least. However, the focus of my attention shifted, away from the metaphysical level and more towards character dynamics and neat little details.

Watching the entire show over the course of roughly three weeks also highlights AtA's evolvement as a drama show, from clever season 1 mindgame into something that, by the end of its run, has long become genuinely and humanly touching.

Oh, and while the show's ending itself is perfectly fine, I still would have loved to see Alex take over Gene's role, simply because based on Alex's entire characterisation throughout seasons 1-3 Alex taking over would have made so much more sense.

Now, off to re-watching LOM ;-)

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While I haven't made any Ashes to Ashes related posts in a while, I'm enjoying the current season immensely and have been lurking following the discussion in [ profile] selenak's journal with increasing interest.

I'm not sure whether anyone else has already mentioned this within the context of the grand "Alex might eventually take over Gene's role as a psychopomp" theory, but the bits and pieces of dialoge (accidental or not) foreshadowing such a possibility are actually dating back as far as right to the show's pilot, to be precise to Alex' first confrontation with Layton in front of the Tate Modern:

You asked to speak to me, Arthur? (hold up her warrant card) I’m DI Alex Drake.

I know who you are! You stop staring at me, I don’t like it!

(helicopters swoop)

OK. I’ll avert my eyes. (she looks a few feet to the left of him) And if you let this lady go, we can discuss…

Discuss what? I’ll kill her, yeah? And I’ll kill you! D’you understand? (beat, he mutters to himself, then pushes the busker away, points the gun at ALEX) Now, get over here! Now!

ALEX holds her hands up, scared but fighting it, takes a step toward him. We hear radio chatter “Marksmen, hold your fire, hostage negotiator approaching subject”. We see MOLLY at the back of the crowd, trying to see.

(calm therapist voice) I help people, Arthur, people who are trapped. I help them find an escape route.
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Woke up at about 5:15 a.m., and after watching the gradual onset of daylight I found myself in front of the computer, searching my hard drive for something nice to pass the time until breakfast.

Spontaneously ended up with the pilot to Ashes to Ashes, which is kind of odd, since I've yet to finish the second season of the original "mother show", LoM. Well, so much for the systematic approach ;-)

As for Ashes to Ashes, I must say that I quite enjoyed it. Apparently more Chris, which is good in my book; plus I liked Alex' distanced, partly sarcastic reaction to the 1980s surroundings she perceives as a continuation of another man's fantasy.

So far, so curious how things will continue...


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