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Ages ago, there was this meme where you had to come up with one sentence mini ficlets. One fandom, various genres. I started writing, but never got around to posting, because I misplaced the sheet of paper containing the handwritten drafts.

Guess, what I've just found while clearing up my desk. So, here we go, better late than never. The fandom is Babylon Five.

Angst: Sometimes, when Thalia looks into a mirror, she is haunted by the dead girl that used to inhabit this very flesh.

AU: "Welcome to Babylon Five, Mr. Morden," Laurel Takashima said, "We've already been expecting your arrival."

Humor: Delenn looked at the state her husband had left the kitchen in, puzzled.

Crossover: Julian Bashir extended his hand, wondering whether this strange, unexpected colleague of his would be interested in exchanging notes on Alien diseases.

Death: Once he had spotted the Vorlon next to his bedside, his final moments were almost too much.


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As it turns out, my first post of 2013 is little more than a brief note regarding the stuff you discover via fandom.

B5 story recommendation spotted in [personal profile] andraste 's journal  =>

My Late Enchantments Still in Brilliant Colors Shine by Icepixie
"There's no way you could've gotten a pilot's license without realizing 'Equal parts wonder, delight, terror, and whimsy' does not constitute a cargo manifest." Susan Ivanova runs into a technomage.  =>

Sonnets of Edna St. Vincent Millay

From Mine the Harvest



Those hours when happy hours were my estate, —
Entailed, as proper, for the next in line,
Yet mine the harvest, and the title mine —
Those acres, fertile, and the furrows straight,
From which the lark would rise — all of my late
Enchantments, still, in brilliant colours, shine,
But striped with black, the tulip, lawn and vine,
Like gardens looked at through an iron gate.
Yet not as one who never sojourned there
I view the lovely segment of a past
I lived with all my senses, well aware
That this was perfect, and it would not last:
I smell the flower, though vacuum-still the air;
I feel its texture, though the gate is fast.

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Now playing Babylon 5 ! And even if you, of course, know the full story by now, all the little bits and pieces that lead up to the larger puzzle, the show is every bit as addictive and fascinating to watch as it used to be almost twenty years ago.

On a side note:

Incredible to see how far CGI effects have come since the days when B5 was one of technique's major pioneers.
Incredible how even the first few episodes (including the ones not written by JMS) contain so many little things and details that will become crucial during the run of the show.

Sad to think how many of the original cast members have already passed away.

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I just participated in a really neat B5 quiz created by [ profile] hobsonphile :

Season 1
You are Season One- a prologue for the larger
Babylon 5 story. Your primary purpose is to
introduce the characters and races which live
in the Babylon 5 universe, though you also
manage to insert details and moments of
foreshadowing that are fulfilled in later
seasons. Although you were not very popular at
first, the fans have come to appreciate you in

Which Season of Babylon 5 Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

Since I usually consider season 3 to be my absolute favourite, I believe this result is mostly influenced by my unfaltering appreciation of the station's first commander Jeff Sinclair, a quiet, introspective character of subtle charm and impressive serenity. Although Sinclair's qualities as a commanding officer and hero may appear dimmed by the bright, energetic flame that is John Sheridan, the sacrifice he commits in War Without End is probably as crucial as Sheridan's desperate jump into the abyss of Z'ha'dum.

What kind of personality, how much longing for peace does it take to give up your entire life to become another species' religious icon?

So, here's to you, Entil Zha, in the wise words of the late Emperor Londo Mollari:

The quiet ones are the ones who change the universe, the loud ones only take the credit
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Today's definition of the term "luck": Spilling the entire content of your XL-sized coffee mug over your writing desk without one single drop of liquid hitting your keyboard (it's the fourth, btw.; keyboards fear me, I'm their doom *g*)

But back to the bundle of disconnected notes that I came here for...


[ profile] cavendish's entry about Re-Unification Day, incorrigible teenage idealism and the importance of hopeful Utopias not only re-awakened my love for the groundbreaking qualities of Star Trek: Classic , it also caused me to wonder about the representation of humanist values in current Sci-Fi/Genre TV.

The most obvious finding: We clearly live in a "Post X-Files" age now. Where Roddenberry's Federation of Planets postulated the benefits of scientific advance, peaceful exploration and tolerance, the Federation officers of Joss Whedon's Firefly have turned human future into a paranoiac's nightmare. And while faith in political bodies or larger collectives as such appears to have been irreversably shattered, the remaining fragments have been rearrangend to form something else. Something that in the end might easily prove to be the more powerful optimist vision: humanism displayed not under ideal circumstances but in the face of terror and, also, the firm belief in the individual's capability to change.

So, here is my reply to anybody accusing shows like Farscape, Babylon 5, DS9 or the later seasons of Buffy of too much bleakness: don't look at the amount of despair and gloom. Look into the hearts of the characters. And you will find hope for mankind. More than enough.


I finally saw the season premiere of Angel. After last years' fantasy-heavy and apocalypse-loaden story arcs, the episode itself felt rather refreshing and ironically also much closer to the earlier, more reality-based plolines of seasons 1 and 2 than anything that has happened to Angel and crew after Pylea. Go A-Team. Go!


Some TV shows are like your favourite sweater. Though worn-out, baggy and bleached, you will unconditionally love them till the very end. I missed you, ER. Great to have you back!


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