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Mostly dry with sunny spells, 23 °C. Best weather we've had for over a week. Cavendish is outside, moving the lawn and trying to get back at least some modicum of control over what grows and (what doesn't) in our flower beds.

Finished watching Boston Legal about a week ago. Back in spring when we started, I had no idea how much I would come to like this high-strung (even by D.E.K. standards), continuously over the top show with all its various insanities.

Celebrated the end of this glorious five season marathon by renting Sex, Lies and Videotape from LoveFilm. (Yes, I've finally succumbed. Originally I tried to kid myself into believing I'd just max out the free of charge thirty day trial period, but so far I'm enjoying renting stuff so much I'm not sure anymore I actually want to unsubscribe from the service.)

So far, so good.

Tomorrow we are going to head off to Düsseldorf to see the El Greco and Modernism exhibition currently housed at the Museum Kunstpalast.

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A rather normal Tuesday afternoon at Casa Bimo, roughly about 5 o'clock. BimoDad comes in, they both have coffee and apple pie, chatting about this and that. After a while BimoDad gets up from the coffee table, walks over to Bimo's TV set and grabs a S1 box set of Boston Legal lying on top of the DVD player. The following dialog ensues...

BimoDad: Oh, Boston Legal! Daughter, please don't tell me you actually bought this?
Bimo: Well, I didn't. Cavendish did.
BimoDad (frowning): Well...
Bimo: We've just watched the first bunch of episodes and to tell the truth, we rather like it so far. You think it's rubbish?
BimoDad: Not at all. Shatner's brilliant. And that guy who was Daniel Jackson in the original [Stargate] movie is great, too. [A small pause, more frowning, though BimoDad appears rather amused] You two really should have learned by now.
Bimo: What?
BimoDad: To come to me first. I've got all seasons on DVD. This is just like the Farscape incident...

During the minutes that followed I had trouble stopping my father, in his enthusiasm, from giving away some important S1 plot developments and thus spoiling me, as we really are just a bunch of episodes into the show.

Oh, and on matters completely unrelated to this: I just got a reply from the ZDF broadcasting station regarding my inquiry about the brief Robert Gwisdek feature I was interested in but cannot watch/record myself for technical reasons:

Sehr geehrte Frau Bimo RealName,

vielen Dank für Ihr Schreiben.

"Abgeschminkt - Robert Gwisdek" 22.03.2012

Leider können wir ihnen erst dann ein Angebot machen, wenn die Sendung ausgestrahlt wurde.
Wir bitten sie deshalb ihre Anfrage erst dann zu starten.

Thank you for that non-answer folks. (They basically said, they can't get back to me/make any offer before the feature's been broadcast.) All I wanted was to know in advance if I can simply obtain a copy via the ZDF of if I have to try finding someone in my circle of friends/relatives who can record the feature for me.

ETA: The ZDF people just got back to me. Yup, apparently it's possible to obtain a copy from them. Yeah! :-)


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