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When amazing stories inspire slightly expressionist fanart of questionable quality...

Portrait of Captain Andrew Thomas Gillette )

Coloured pencils (water soluble) and ink.

[ profile] galadhir, [ profile] joyful_molly, you might wish to deny any responsibility, but nevertheless this one is for you, ladies ;-)

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[ profile] selenak wrote an interesting essay called The Insignificant Other, in which she analyzes the role and frequent abuse of the romantic rival as a plot device "solely inserted to heighten the angst between the movie's/show's leading couple, and inevitably [ending] up either revealed as evil or dismissed as unworthy [...]."

Hand in hand with various examples of popular stereotypes, a whole range of unworthy competitors who disqualify themselves by being either evil, boring, or somewhat insane, goes the implicit blueprint for characters who, despite being set up as rivals, have escaped from that particular fate.

When Selena writes:

"Male variations of The Insignificant Other usually aren't evil, unless they are Prince Humperdinck in The Princess Bride, and The Princess Bride is such a lovely homage and send up that it's impossible to mind. No, instead male variations are dismissed as "safe", "boring", not worthy of the heroine's affection as opposed to the exciting, dangerous hero."

this not only summarizes existing cliches, but in my opinion also serves as a good explanation of what makes a character like James Norrington from the movie PotC: Curse of the Black Pearl so very outstanding. Norrington works, and in fact has managed to draw a considerable fan following of his own (including yours truly *g*), because he comes across as someone with a life of his own, who, under different circumstances and in a different constellation of characters, would have easily made a very fine romantic hero. He's three-dimensional, equipped with an exciting profession, and possesses weaknesses as well as strengths. The amount of insecurity and concern he is showing clearly marks him as a caring human being, worthy of being loved in return; if not by his romantic interest Elizabeth Swann then by somebody else.

A fact, which even the creative powers behind PotC must admit in the end by letting Jack Sparrow tease poor Norrington with the words "I was rooting for you."

So far for the theory, now for the fan art *g*

[ profile] sinningia has drawn an awesome portrait of DMC Norrington, which conveys a whole range emotions due to its wonderfully "windswept" and rather expressionist style. Go and see for yourself!
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Feeling kind of dizzy today (nothing serious, just some annoying circulation problems), I spent the better part of the morning in bed, re-watching Ultraviolet.

Thankfully, the afternoon got considerably more productive.

Rather heartbroken looking Mike. Tempera, scanner... )

Yay for [ profile] cavendish for giving me a shiny new easel as an anniversary present :-)
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Watched New Earth, but didn't really enjoy the episode. Too rushed, too cliched, about five different plotlines hackneyed into one. David Tennant, however, appears to make a fine, interesting Doctor. I'm wondering whether the authors are going to use the Tenth Doctor's overly confident, self-assured behaviour for future story developments.

Tenth doctor, coloured aquarelle pencils, charcoal, scanner ;-) )
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Fifth doctor, oil pastels and ink )

I did this one about two weeks ago as a pastel only version, but wasn't really satisfied with the outcome. This morning, it dawned upon me to add a layer of ink and set a few highlights. Much better now, indeed *g*
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The ninth doctor, tempera colours, raw, abstract, rather haunted )
I was dead tired when I painted that one, and I'm afraid it shows *g*

The fifth doctor, charcoal )
rather young looking, sweet, halfway hopeful...
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There were quite a few more sensible ways to spend my time, but since it was Sunday afternoon and  Farscape muse had struck..

John Chrichton as drawn by Bimo )

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... by attempting to paint some pseudo-impressionist fan art ) might have been not exactly the wisest idea I ever came up with... *g*
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What happens when Bimo gets all nostalgic, rewatches some old Highlander tapes and attempts to draw her favourite 5000 year-old guy...

Read more... )
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This evening I was able to enjoy a few hours of unexpected spare time, because the horse I am riding had an appointment with the blacksmith. Somehow I felt like drawing... *g*

I apologize if the sketch is a bit sloppy but I'm not exactly a genius when it comes to pencil.

John Crichton as drawn by Bimo )
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I picked this one up via [ profile] selenak. There is a cute little meme, also sponsored by [ profile] andrastewhite:

Rec-Go-Round: Rec me one short story you've written that you're proud of, any genre, here in my LJ. Then go forth and ask the same in yours.

As far as my English stories are concerned my pick would most certainly be Shadows, a bittersweet, somewhat sentimental Star Wars vignette about Obi-Wan's first days as Anakin's new master. The story, written post AotC, was basically my attempt of nailing the complex relationship between the two Jedi in a nutshell.

Though readers might not notice it at first, I did an awful lot of detail work with that piece and it is not so much "written" but rather "composed" like a poem or portrait. Getting it published at the renowned's Fan Fiction Archive" nearly killed me.

If you really undergo the trouble of checking it out, please take your time and also have a look at the cover I painted *g* )


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