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Just a note on two very different pieces of fiction that I read in April and can’t quite get out of my head.

The first, the Arthur C. Clarke Award–winning novel Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel, strikes me as being the most gentle, most benevolent vision of a (post)apocalyptic society I have seen in while, since Mandel depicts the human need for company, art, civilisation and, yes, also technology in a way that feels optimistic yet at the same time weirdly authentic. Beautifully written, though rather stylised in parts. Plus, in my humble opinion, best use of a Star Trek:Voyager quote ever.

The second piece is a bit of Nice Guys fanfiction that I almost wouldn’t have clicked on because of its straight “E” rating on AO3, which I assure you much is higher than anything I would feel comfortable reading under normal circumstances. However, well…

*takes a deep breath*

It was late at night and some of the story’s tags, good grief, some of the tags just seemed too good to ignore. “Families of Choice”, “Religion”, “California History” and “Christmas”, only to list a few of them. Now, writers usually do not describe their work along these lines if they haven’t got anything to tell that goes substantially beyond whatever their piece got its “E” rating for.

Thus, I kind of trusted the tags and proceeded. If you are remotely interested in Nice Guys fic you might want to inquire which story it was that made me climb over that yellow AO3 warning bar. So here comes the link:

make the rougher places plain by Greywash.
Atmospheric, poignant, intense and touching due to its own kind of melancholia.

Below the cut follow some of the passages which really did me in as a reader. I can only bow to anyone who can write something like this on the basis of one silly movie.

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Just like the header says.

When I watched The Nice Guys this weekend, something in my twisted, crossover-loving brain just went click. So I began to write, and now, three days later I find myself sitting on the finished draft of a 1400 word Nice Guys/X-Files story in which an older Holland March essentially gets rescued by a certain FBI agent. All in all, it’s a classic Bimo, I’d say, if maybe a bit more bizarre than usual.

I like the story well enough. Nevertheless, I must admit I have absolutely no idea what to do with it, now that it’s finished. (At the moment, the most realistic approach seems to never mention it again and let it sink into the darkest depths of my hard drive.)

Simply going ahead and posting an unproofread, unedited version to AO3 is not an option, firstly and mainly because of the good old non-native speaker issue. However, there are also additional concerns lurking around the corner.

1.) I’m depicting issues of mental health (which sort of came with the characters), and while I went out of my way to handle those issues as respectfully, sincere and responsibly as I am able to, I surely screwed up somewhere.

2.) The “Nobody will ever read this” factor. By the time I’m typing, there are exactly seventy-three The Nice Guys stories on AO3, the overwhelming majority of them either slash or pre-slash (Holland March/ Jackson Healy). Nothing wrong with that, but it’s a road I just didn’t take when I wrote myself. What I came up with instead is more or less the aftermath to an X-file. Since the fandom appears so small and so slashy, I have serious doubts anyone enjoying  The Nice Guys well enough to go hunting for fic will be interested in reading Gen stuff.

3.) Return straight to the point where I was talking about not posting something unbetaed. I’m afraid, I will never, ever find a beta for this story. Getting a beta for a nice, lovely OuaT story is one thing. But for this baby? Like I said, special hell.


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Some of you already know that I spent the last couple of weeks recovering from knee surgery (ruptured meniscus, long story, don’t ask ;)). So far, the knee has been healing nicely, just as it ought to, and I’m glad to report that with each day I am feeling more and more like my usual self again.

Probably the weirdest after-effect: I never would have thought that I would be so fucking happy about being able to empty the dishwasher on my own again.

Also, my fannish mojo is coming back. Even though I’m not quite sure what to contribute at the moment, I’m quite happy to read along and enjoy what others are posting! :)

A good deal of my own fannish thoughts are still circling around OuaT 's Jekyll and Hyde plot, by the way. Representations of duality, repression, denial and most of all how Sam Witwer’s Hyde in “Strange Case” struck me as so much more straightforward and in tune with himself and his surroundings than his counterpart Jekyll could ever be.

There is this one brief moment when the newly-created Hyde is seeing himself in the mirror for the very first time shortly before entering the ballroom, that is full of self-realisation, recognition and amazement. I just love the way in which, throughout the following scenes, the particular combination of setting and writing plus various acting and directing choices, is transforming Hyde from villain into romantic anti-hero, without sacrificing one bit of the character’s inherent ruthlessness.

Well done, show! But now, if you could only please devote as much care and attention to your major story arcs as you are paying attention to the details… ;)

As for the afore mentioned Harry Potter rec:

More or less on a whim, Cavendish and I rewatched the first three Harry Potter movies (all of them have aged suprisingly well, though the Alfonso Cuarón one still rules), which led to me searching the AO3 for a bit of HP fanfic. And look what I have found thanks to the archive’s advanced filtering options and a little bit of beginner’s luck:

The Nicest Word There Is…  by Droupy48
Summary: A story about the kids who felt safe in the library.
Word count: 2161
Rating: G
Characters: Minerva McGonagall, Remus Lupin, Hermione Granger

A beautifully written, quiet character piece providing great insights into each character. However, on a more abstract and serious level, this story is as much a story about young McGonagall, Lupin and Hermione Granger as it is a story about the different faces of discrimination and the power of reading.

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Going through some old lever arch files, I just stumbled across the first fan fiction story I've ever written.

German language, typewritten manuscript, circa 1993, never been published. Crossover between TNG and Forever Knight featuring my then favourite vampire Nick Knight and a certain Starfleet captain running into each other during an archaeological dig on some alien world.

What really amazed me when I re-read the whole thing for the first time in over twenty years:
  • While there are quite a few things that I'd do differently today (basically in a shorter, more compact and somewhat more subtle way than my 18-year old self did), the writing itself  is actually surprisingly free of cringe-worthy, embarrassing stuff.
  • In many ways, it's already a typical "Bimo story". Lots of character details, visible attempts at establishing a somewhat atmospheric setting, some nice dialogue bits but little to zero action.
Colour me amused and fascinated at the same time.

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Just when I thought my fanfic muse, fickle creature that she is, was enjoying a prolonged holiday in Neverland, she came back with a vengeance. I really should have seen her coming, though, since the signs announcing her return were rather unmistakable.

Massive consumption of the respective source material, leading to show discussions. Show discussions leading to episode rewatches, episode rewatches leading to ideas. ([personal profile] selenak , I definitely still owe you an answer, and lots of thanks!) So I sat down and wrote, initially just to test the waters a little. But the more I wrote, the more the whole affair got a life of its own.

It's finished by now, roughly two thousand words long, a crossover with Castle, and essentially dealing with the question how on earth Hook, being all on his own, manages to locate Emma in New York prior to the events of "New York City Serenade". Readers wouldn't need to know anything about Castle to enjoy the story, though, since everything is written from Hook's perspective. The story is mostly a character study, with a touch of romantic fluff, balanced (at least I hope) with darker undercurrents.

My problems now, since I am not actively involved in any of the respective fandoms and therefore don't know anything about their infrastructure: Would something like this be worth getting betaed and published at all?  And, if so, where could I find a beta willing to do at least a quick language check?

ETA: Thanks to [ profile] astrogirl2  the story has been successfully betaed and the finished version uploaded to the AO3. Yay!

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Most of you will probably know about the German language fanfic archive I created back in the late 1990s.

Here in Germany it was among the first of its kind. I posted my very first self-written stories there, invited readers and authors, and formed some of the best and long-lasting friendships of my entire online life. By the time I stopped archiving, the page hosted over 250 stories.

While I haven't updated the site in well over a decade, I've always prided myself that the archive has never been offline for longer than just a couple of minutes. Well, until very recently, that is. Because the page has been hacked and abused by spammers, so last week my webspace provider felt the necessity to take it down.

I've initiated all the necessary counter measures by now, and I figure it will only be a question of time until the old lady goes back online right where she belongs, but still...

I can't tell you how seriously annoyed I am by the whole affair. This old little archive may be just a tiny grain of sand in the grand ever changing virtual river called internet, but I'm feeling oddly protective of it.
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Ages ago, there was this meme where you had to come up with one sentence mini ficlets. One fandom, various genres. I started writing, but never got around to posting, because I misplaced the sheet of paper containing the handwritten drafts.

Guess, what I've just found while clearing up my desk. So, here we go, better late than never. The fandom is Babylon Five.

Angst: Sometimes, when Thalia looks into a mirror, she is haunted by the dead girl that used to inhabit this very flesh.

AU: "Welcome to Babylon Five, Mr. Morden," Laurel Takashima said, "We've already been expecting your arrival."

Humor: Delenn looked at the state her husband had left the kitchen in, puzzled.

Crossover: Julian Bashir extended his hand, wondering whether this strange, unexpected colleague of his would be interested in exchanging notes on Alien diseases.

Death: Once he had spotted the Vorlon next to his bedside, his final moments were almost too much.


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From [personal profile] selenak 

Pick a character I've written and I will give and explain the top five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.
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Fandom: Farscape
Title: Prometheus' Wake
Characters: Bobby Coleman
Summary: Uncle John has shown mankind a glimpse of the universe, stolen the fire and torn the lid off the tricky box.
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1241
Author's Note: I'd like to thank my two wonderful beta readers A Damned Scientist and Cathy1967, not only for the great job they did with this story but also for their willingness to help out when help was needed. Additional thanks go to Kernil Crash who came up with a very pragmatic solution for a rather embarrassing problem. Seriously, guys, without you this little piece would have likely ended in cold storage.
Story on AO3: Here

Prometheus' Wake )
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Fandom: Star Trek: TNG, Doctor Who
Title: Flight of the Polymers
Characters: Data, Rory Williams, Amy Pond
Summary: On Data and Rory, and being plastic. Some conversations are doomed from the start. Originally written in response to a Multiverse prompt by Ladymercury_10.
Rating: G
Author's Note: I would very much like to thank my beta, the wonderful [ profile] kathyh, whose comments really hit the nail on the head! :)
Story on AO3: Here

Flight of the Polymers )
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You know, some months ago, when the Multiverse ficathon was announced, I chose that really nice sounding prompt involving both Rory Williams (Doctor Who) and TNG's very own Lt. Commander Data debating the experience of being plastic.

Yup, I can write that, I thought. Turned out both characters strictly refused to get into talking. Or maybe the problem is just that my brain is currently still high on Farscape. Cavendish and I have reached season 4 by now, btw.

So, one week after the official submission deadline, it appears I'm stuck with a poor excuse of a 500 word mini vignette in desperate need of some proof-reading. Even if it's too late by now I would like to deliver at least something...

Any volunteers willing to give it a quick check?
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Back in 2003 I finally succumbed to the Dark Side started journaling just a couple of weeks after [personal profile] selenak had introduced me to Farscape. So out of sheer curiosity I went back to check my old journal entries for any Farscape-related thoughts I might have posted during that period, only to find that apparently I had never shared this poor little ficlet in my journal (which is kind of odd, because up to this very day it is one of my personal favourites)

Title: Floating
Author: Bimo
Setting: S1, right after the pilot episode
Summary: How do you cope with completely alien surroundings? As long as there are miracles, there's hope...
Notes: Thanks to Selena, for introducing me to the wonderful world of Farscape, and to Kathy, for beta-reading :-)

Floating )
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I found this quiet, multi-faceted story while browsing the AO3 for ST:Enterprise stories.

The Hybrid Child of Vulcan by Chibifukurou
Plot summary: Spock is preparing to apply to the Star Trek academy, but before he does he has to come to grips with his hybrid heritage with the help of Christopher Pike and T'pol.

I think what I like most is the way how the different incarnations of Star Trek, ranging from TOS to Reboot!Movieverse blend into each other seamlessly, in a very natural and convincing manner. Also a wonderful, highly endearing take on the individual characters, with just the right mixture of darker notes and a distinct sense of hope.
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Currently reading John Steinbeck's East of Eden, I can't help myself but mentally refer to the novel's Cathy/Kate plotline as "The Stephen King remix", simply because Kate, as a character, feels so much like a King character, doing King-typical things -- however written from a different perspective, by a different writer with completely different intentions, focus and strengths.

Of course I know how wrong this is, for about a hundred literary reasons. But still, the popular fannish concept of the "remixed" story seems the one best suited to describe my impression.
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Fandom: Star Trek: DS9
Title: Mimesis
Characters: Bashir, Odo
Summary: A glimpse at Julian Bashir right after the "In Purgatory's Shadow /By Inferno's Light" two-parter
Rating: PG-13
Author's Note: To [ profile] selenak, because it was just after re-reading some of Selena's older DS9 stories when inspiration suddenly struck... :). I also would very much like to thank my betas [ profile] tli and [ profile] revdorothyl for doing such a great job :)

Mimesis )
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Watching an episode of Star Trek: DS9 every evening for the past couple of weeks apparently has had its consequences. For the first time in a long while I sat down and wrote a bit of fan fiction. About 850 words. A brief glimpse at Julian Bashir right after the "In Purgatory's Shadow /By Inferno's Light" two-parter.

Now I'm wondering. Would anyone out there be willing to have a look and do a quick beta?
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To shovel two brief, but intriguing PotC character vignettes from one corner of my f-list to the other:

Covenant by [ profile] fabu. A touching portrait of Weatherby Swann meeting his baby daughter for the very first time. Clearly one those rare universal stories that work regardless whether one knows the sequels. And if you think you can stomach a little AWE canon, there's also Sea-Change, a story by the same author, which gives the reader a marvellous glimpse of what goes on in Jack's head while he is trapped in Davy Jones' locker.

(One of the really strange things I've noticed about my complicated relationship with PotC: At World's End: My frustrations regarding the treatment of certain well-liked characters luckily don't stretch into fanfic)

Oh, and before I forget it:

In about a week, from July, 9th to July, 18th, [ profile] cavendish and I will be on a holiday trip to Scotland. And yay, apart from some very basic travel information, he still hasn't got the slightest clue as to where exactly we are going, because when I booked everything, I kept the locations secret as a surprise ;-)
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To help AWE newcomers find their way into the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom, [ profile] fabu is currently compiling an addendum to her original starter set of Potc fanfic recs, and is therefore specifically looking for "suggestions of stories that will be accessible to new folks who aren't necessarily familiar with fanon or other fandom specific information".

Having entered PotC just last summer, right at the height of the grand DMC inrush, I've found the original list one of the warmest and most useful introductions to a new fandom that I have ever received.The benefit I've drawn from it, both as a reader and as a fan seeking out conversation with other fans, was immensely.

Thus, I'd very much like the new wave of people entering the fandom to share the very same positive experience that I've had. If you've got any favourite stories meeting the "suitable for newbies, no previous fanon knowledge required" criteria, hop over to [ profile] fabu's and share them :-)

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Names by [ profile] hmpf MacSlow. A subtle, intelligent story about places and time, and how to survive them.

"Methos enjoys being Adam Pierson; Flavius is alarmed by how much he enjoys being Karl-Heinz Müller," the summary says, but that doesn't quite capture the details,  the little ironies, or the wonderful, almost flirtatious interplay of contemporariness and millennia old sherds dug up from the earth. General audiences, roughly about 3500 words.

In case you read and enjoyed, don't forget to drop the author a note. Highlander is a very old, very unspectacular fandom by modern day standards, and Gen stories are easily overlooked.
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And the tender, delicate saga of blossoming friendship between Governor and young naval officer continues... (Again wrapped in ultra-short prose, and this time also including the Governor's daughter *g*)

PotC Drabble: Parents )

A handful of random Doctor Who observations:

Doctor Who. Mildly spoilerish, but only for those who haven't already seen the latest episodes and next week's trailer )


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