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I’ve been re-reading a lot of Highlander fan fiction from the heydays of “Seventh Dimension”, “HL Quill Club” and Mary Galasso’s excellent “Voices” anthology lately, all of these stories being old favourites of mine that I’ve been able to track down, retrace and locate.

The infrastructure of first wave HL fandom collapsed sometime during the 2000s, which essentially means that if an author didn’t transfer their works to AO3, or if you, as a reader haven’t kept up with writers’ changing pseuds, the stories are gone. Even with a good memory for titles and pen names, you’ll have an incredibly hard time finding an accessible online version of *that* particular fanfic ever again.

So I figure the first, rather unsurprising lesson learned from my experience can be summed up as: If you care about a certain story, save it on your hard drive and make sure to create regular back ups, just in case you would like to revisit it someday for whatever reasons.

The second lesson, however, is actually more of a subjective observation.

By the time I first encountered stories such as Kat Allison’s  Last Set Before Closing, Parda’s Down to the Bone, or [personal profile] selenak 's Death and the Maiden in the late 1990s (to name only a few, also both Parda and Selena were still writing under their real names back then), I was still a comparative youngster finding herself in fanfic heaven, because, good grief, were those stories amazing. The premises, the characterisations, the imagery, the language… . In short, all those qualities which make a piece of writing pass the test of time with flying colours. No wonder I had expected those stories to age well. What I hadn’t reckoned with, however, was how much my perspective on them and therefore also the reasons for my appreciation would change and grow over time.

Just to give you a few examples:

It’s February 2017 now, which means in real life we must almost have reached the very palpable future depicted in Last Set, since the story is set roughly twenty years after the last HL episode takes place and deals with Duncan visiting his aged friend Joe Dawson at a retirement home. The predictions that Kat Allison made regarding technological and social developments are plain intriguing, because while not every detail is perfect, they hit frighteningly close to home if seen as a whole.

Revisiting  Down to the Bone and Death and the Maiden, I couldn’t help noticing how much more susceptive and aware the older me, turning forty-two in a couple of weeks, has become regarding the underlying psychological dynamics and depths, so finely-tuned and hidden between lines of powerful, evocative writing.

Stuff, which has been there all the time, and I was only too young, inexperienced or simply not prophetic enough to see it.

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Re-watching Highlander while simultaneaously re-reading the latter books of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter series made me wonder about potential house affiliations and sorting dilemmas :)

Easy Cases:
Duncan MacLeod: Gryffindor
Richie Ryan: Hufflepuff
Amanda: Gryffindor

(Slightly) More Ambivalent:
Tessa Noel: Ravendor/Gryffinclaw, depending on form
Joe Dawson: Gryffinclaw
Fitz: Huffledor
Methos: Ravendoryn or Ravendor, depending on company and millenium
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Following the advice of trusted experts [ profile] kathyh and [ profile] selenak, I began my admittedly several years belated viewing of Highlander's season two right with 'The Watchers'. Episode 2x01, first DVD of the set. My first impression:

Hey, this is fun! )

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Names by [ profile] hmpf MacSlow. A subtle, intelligent story about places and time, and how to survive them.

"Methos enjoys being Adam Pierson; Flavius is alarmed by how much he enjoys being Karl-Heinz Müller," the summary says, but that doesn't quite capture the details,  the little ironies, or the wonderful, almost flirtatious interplay of contemporariness and millennia old sherds dug up from the earth. General audiences, roughly about 3500 words.

In case you read and enjoyed, don't forget to drop the author a note. Highlander is a very old, very unspectacular fandom by modern day standards, and Gen stories are easily overlooked.
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aka Some Slightly Belated Christmas Musings and a Tiny Bit of Highlander...

I guess, by now it is safe to say that I survived Christmas in pretty good shape. Trying to achieve just the right mixture of activity and peaceful seclusion has worked out surprisingly well. I prepared, did, enjoyed and had guests, but also found the time to grant myself a little bit of quiet as well as the time to commemorate my mum. Dad and I had two very nice dinners. People gave me more presents than I actually deserve and thanks to [ profile] cavendish and [ profile] vashtan who came over for some christmassy baking orgy and present exchange, decorating the tree turned out not half the depressing event it could have been.

Looking back, not only on this year's Christmas but also on a couple of past ones, I have come to realize how much the feast's gravity center has actually shifted. Once, in the mid-seventies, we started out pretty much like every archetypical German family does. Lots of relatives, carol singing, the seemingly inevitable reading of certain well known Bible passages. By now, we have reduced the traces of Christianity and gray, self-dissolving rituals to an absolute minimum. The relatives have been replaced with friends and instead of celebrating the birth of Jesus, there is this hard to explain, but deep and vibrant feeling of gratefulness. Being grateful for the wonderful people who never cease to support and inspire me. Being grateful for the small glimpes of universal beauty I was able to catch. The relative peace that I live in.

I think, I like the new Christmas much better than the old one, even though I'm a somewhat conservative soul who finds changes rather scary.

Maybe, it is exactly this tendency to keep and to cling, which causes me to collect and archive things the way I do; regardless whether it's books, videotapes, postcards or coffee mugs *g*.

Opening the cupboard and grabbing just exactly the Highlander tapes that I wanted (early Methos episodes, from "Methos" till "One Minute Past Midnight", "Indescretions", "To Be"/"Not to Be") filled me with an intriguing sense of familiarity and a fuzzy kind of warmth that I had not expected. My relationship with this show has always been a difficult one. Despite the best efforts and patience of [ profile] selenak and [ profile] blackkitty13, probably the two major Duncan supporters amongst my friends, I never really got to the core of Duncan MacLeod, but remained one of those viewers whose affection was strictly reserved for the supporting characters. Methos, Joe, Amanda, Fitz, Richie; in exactly that order.

Methos: Timelessness and ambiguity. Man of a thousand lives. Killer and victim. Puppeteer and chameleon. Pop Culture and Classics.

Joe: Passion and loyalty. Torn between roots, tradition and his longing for truth.

Amanda: vivacious, in the best sense of the word.

Fitz: hilarious, unique.

Richie: Innocent heart, try and error. Searching for a fixed point from which to gain sense and direction. Struggle. Died way too soon, just when he became interesting.

Rewatching those tapes after such a long time with new and fresh eyes made me realize a few things I had missed during the first run.
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What happens when Bimo gets all nostalgic, rewatches some old Highlander tapes and attempts to draw her favourite 5000 year-old guy...

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