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Seing [ profile] kathyh 's latest post, I went back to check the exact date of my own ten year LJ anniversary, since I remembered Kathy and me joining at roughly the same time, 2003, sometime in Autumn.

Looks like I've missed my own anniversary by almost a month, as the day I finally succumbed to this strange new thing called journaling was September 29th. Do I feel like a dinosaur now? Well, sometimes...My hair is certainly grayer today than it was the day I uploaded my first user icon. I fell in love (and sometimes out of love) with many a tv show, shared my impressions about books, movies, art and quite a few other things. Also, I fear I must have written hundreds of more or less sensemaking comments. *g*

Over the past decade, LJ has made my online life a lot richer, more interesting. Thanks to LJ I had the privilege to meet some truly wonderful people. So here's to ten more years and to everybody who is still out there and actively posting!

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I already spotted this meme a couple of days ago over at [ profile] kathyh 's and finally found the time to do it properly :-)

Lots of stuff about me and my journal... )

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Does anyone know what happened to Livejournal's "spell checking in comments" function?

I tend to heavily rely on that one, mostly because I'm one of the worst typists who ever sat in front of a keyboard. And for the last couple of days I've been noticing that instead of marking any misspelled words, pushing the preview/spell check button only leads to rendering the whole comment in bright red.

Please tell me there's a way to revert this glitch back to normal...
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Having raised my head only here and there in the comments to other folks' entries lately, I thought this character meme I found at [ profile] astrogirl2's would be just the thing to get back into the posting saddle again:

Name a character from one of my fandoms and I'll give you (a) three facts about them from my personal canon/fanon, (b) a reason he/she sucks, (c) a reason she/he is awesomecakes, (d) five things that never happened to that character or (e) five people that character never fell in love with and why. You pick the character. I pick the letter.

Oh, and I'm currently reading Feuchtwanger's The Lautensack Brothers which I am enjoying immensely for its superb, nuanced depiction of power dynamics, be it the interplay of politics, industry and art in the late Weimar Repuplic or the complex web of relations and dependencies between the characters. Feuchtwanger's rich, evocative and quite exuberant language is one of the best counter proofs to the good old "If you spot an adjective, kill it" rule that I've ever seen. Just like with Jew Suess and The Ugly Duchess, the other two Feuchtwanger novels that I have read, I am fascinated by the stylistic parallels between Feuchtwanger and some of my favourite Anglo-Saxon Modernist writers. As far as the literary representation of individual thought/consciousness goes, Feuchtwanger does what they do, and thus provides an impressive, at times quite creepy peek into the mind of his all too human, flaw-ridden and often also agenda-following characters.

As for my stance on the flagging issue
(which I would have missed completely if it hadn't been for my f-list): I'll boycott. Should I ever chose to make an artsy post about Rembrand's
Rape of Ganymede or to discuss the latest Nip/Tuck episode in all its glorious, clothes-reduced and quite graphic detail, I won't flag it. Nor will I under any circumstances flag the entries of others.
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To cut some nostalgic ramblings short )

Hi there, over at Greatestjournal I'm bimo_gj.


Feb. 12th, 2007 09:10 am
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I've started tagging my entries, hoping that the categories will allow an easier access to some of the older stuff; stories, drawings and musings. Methinks, the keyword cloud on the right with the various categories appearing in different sizes makes an interesting mind map. Never thought I had posted so many drawings over the years. Also, I've always believed my fannish attention would be more equally distributed, but apparently interest and creativity seem to focus on Doctor Who and PotC (a fact, which even the still untagged bits about AtS, Farscape and Highlander are not going to change).

Other things that sprung into my eye while categorizing old entries: I should do more book reviews and whine less about my about my own writing, as my output may be low but otherwise perfectly fine. Oh, and strangely enough I seldom talk about what I am currently watching or reading. So, for now:

Telly: Life on Mars, This Life, and really enjoying both shows. A bit uncharacteristic for my usual tastes and behavioural patterns, I'm slowly turning into a Gene fan, and am nursing strong shippy feelings for Miles/Anna.

Reading: Barry Unsworth, The Hide, which started out slow and uninteresting, but is currently picking up speed.
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Is LJ back or am I just hallucinating?

Nah, probably just hallucinating ;-)

Dear LJ...

Jul. 12th, 2006 09:04 am
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Dear Sir or Madam LJ,

I regret to inform you that I perceived the unsolicited addition of an ugly, grey, layout-screwing navigation bar to both my journals, [ profile] bimo and [ profile] albert_campion as rather annoying.

Of course, I've already taken the necessary measures to remove the navigation bars from my journals.

I trust you that unfortunate incidents like this will not repeat themselves in the not-so-distant future.

Yours sincerely,

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Some of you may already have spotted this one in [ profile] cavendish 's journal, but I'd like to repost it since it's really delightful und deserves to be spread :-)

Behind an LJ cut: A sonett on the nature of LJ )

Written by [ profile] cavendish , a much better poet than I could ever be, at the request of [ profile] kathyh.
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Perhaps you noticed  I almost missed to join  in the delightful spread of poetry promoted by such noble and astounding people as [ profile] selenak[ profile] kathyh and [ profile] quiller77 because I was so overly occupied with switching between different LJ layouts by the minute. I sincerely apologize for any cases of sudden blindness that may have occured during the more horrid combinations and hope that the current solution will be more or less final ....Well apart from one or two minor tweaks to achieve a better readability *g*

To catch up with the rest of  LJ 'verse, I decided posting Dream-Land, one of my favourite pieces by Edgar Allan Poe.Here in the western part of Germany the days are getting shorter again, and while the garden in front of my window is still saturated with autumn colour, plants and branches are becoming ghostlier with each chilly fall of rain. So I'm in a Poe-ish kind of mood *g*

Dream Land )

To quote my favourite Peanuts character Linus:

"Afterward, it's fun to come home and have a cup of hot chocolate. And sit in front of a warm TV"  ;-)
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During the last couple of weeks I found myself either drowning in the works of James Joyce or making long excursions into the history of London sewers. (The godfather of interior monologue being the most natural choice for my impending English literature exam , I have been a major Joyce fan even years before I saw him in his his Ewan McGregor incarnation *g*. My sudden interest in sewers, cesspits and the achievements of Victorian engineer Joseph Balzagette mostly derives from the need for yet another history term paper; however it's a quite fascinating subject. For anyone curious about the sanitory problems of a true metropolis, a good online summary can be found here.)

The increased academic activity seems to have had a rather peculiar effect on my brain. On the one hand it left me with a strangely insatiable hunger for words. Apart from study related books, I re-read one of my favourite historical novels ([ profile] selenak will know which one *g*), Stephen King's Bag of Bones, which instantly made it into the Top Five of my favourite King books (yeah, call me heretical, but a) I love King and b)always find myself able to enjoy his newer works as much as the old) and am currently on page 57 of Iain Pears' An Instance of the Fingerpost. All these books have well over 700 pages.

On the downside of all this reading I have neglected online correspondence and LJ to a point which makes me feel like fandom's most uncommunicative, unfaithful daughter.

Will the prodigal be able to redeem herself? Well, I hope so.

Browsing my friendslist, I could not fail to notice [ profile] enednoviel 's amazing portrait of a slightly older Harry Potter, [ profile] kathyh's musings about the importance of opening paragraphs and [ profile] selenak 's entry concerning the different interpretations of well-loved characters.

Also, there is this wonderful little poem [ profile] cavendish had written for me shortly after Selena had kindly outed me as secret lover of the Wizarding World's most hated bureaucrat in her comment on my previous entry *g*

Lament for Lost Lovers

When 20 (roughly speaking)
you loved the
athletic type -
boxer sorts
dark voice,
big sword, immortal
but young
in appearance. you loved
his smile

Somewhat older, came
into your vision: a man
his face was hidden, more
the spiritual type, a sword
of light, and not of steel.
His chastity, his sad looks:
were they to be admired
or to be broken?
In fiction only.

And now, with almost thirty, a
bureaucrat it is, grey hair, great power,
wealth and: a dark secret:
Will the lonely man on his deserted planet
grieve? Will the age old Horseman (?)
come storming to your rescue? Would you
desire him to come?

Or can you love
the three of them
together, as observer or
creator? Imagine:
what the story would be like.
What time? And how would
it take place?

And if it came to contest, who would
- strictly fictionally spoken -
win? Sword or Money?
Mind or voice? Spiritual or
worldly greed? An alliance, maybe,
formed by two that would
remain, with you, and one
your sacrifice?
Will an apologize be made by those

At least ‘tis I who must
apologize for letting my
imagination go astray: in fiction that in
reality should stay. And stay there only.

The observations made in this poem are about as witty as they are true, I guess. [ profile] cavendish has witnessed and endured my fannish passions since the mid nineties ;-)

Old Flames

Sep. 22nd, 2003 11:44 am
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After spending the better part of yesterday's evening browsing through the various fandom related icon communities of I felt like the proverbial kid in the candy store. Lots of sweets, lots of pretties, but nothing seemed right...

So I finally retreated to the more familiar drawers of my own hard disc (which, apart from approximately five zillions of Ewan McGregor pics also contains various fannish stuff *g*) and came up with this one. Coop. Everybody's favourite mystery-obsessed FBI Agent before the day that other guy entered the screen...

Though I was practically born into fandom (my Dad is an even bigger genre fan than me) and enjoyed many a series, ranging from classic Star Trek to Quantum Leap, Twin Peaks was the first one I ever loved with all my heart for all its eccentricity and its dark, surrealistic beauty. The shocking perfection of its ending.

Despite the wavering quality of its second season, Twin Peaks seems one those few shows which have managed to come full circle. Besides the bitter irony, there is also a certain tragic quality about Cooper's fate. He sets out as boyscout traveling the netherworld, interested in darkness but yet incorrupted, and falls not because of the temptations of evil but because of his pure, innocent love for a woman.

May your soul find peace, Coop. Wherever you are.
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Ahem... alright, guys. You got me. After a long phase of scepticism, I finally got of my high horse and succumbed to this whole live journal thing. Unfortunately, the only explanation I can offer is that too much delight in reading other people's entries started to make me feel like a lousy hypocrite.

Right now, I've absolutely no idea how far this journal will get me. Maybe I'll just use it as one giant virtual postcard. Leaving short notes about my latest journeys into the realm of books, TV shows and movies, offering other people the opportunity to call back. Maybe I'll even come up with something useful.

It's a strange universe after all.


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