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Two anonymous online support groups that should exist, but unfortunately don't. At least not to my knowledge...

1. Christmas Phobics Anonymous. Not that I dislike Christmas per se. Also, I actually look forward to many of the things that usually come with the event. Card writing,  buying and giving presents, Christmas fairs, watching Christmas-y movies on TV, making my annual donation to Doctors without Borders. But all the social obligations and general business preceding Christmas Eve? Tend to make me rather anxious every time.

2. Anonymous Fans of Käptn Peng und die Tentakel von Delphi  Older Than 30 (Vereinigung Anonymer Käptn Peng Anhänger Ü30) .Cavendish and I went to their concert in Bochum last Monday. A simply wonderful experience, which I enjoyed so much I would like to draw sparkling hearts around it. But being able to clearly identify Cavendish and me on a picture taken during the concert and posted at the band's facebook site? More than just slightly weird, though a great virtual souvenir to remember a fantastic evening.

As for somewhat more age-appropriate cultural pursuits *g*:

Bernard Schultze: Gegenwelten at the Museum Küppersmühle, Duisburg, 19th October 2012 until 20th January 2013. I hadn't heard of the artist before we went there on Sunday, though Schultze apparently is being regarded as one of Germany's most important post WW II avantgardists. Very impressive exhibition, especially the sculptures, sometimes standing, sometimes dangling and mostly amorphous objects which Schultze named "migofs" and which possess an undeniably suggestive and nightmarish quality. Some of them reminded me of Hieronymus Bosch.

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Friends, readers, countrywomen...

still remember the early pre-internet 1990s when getting hold of certain interviews, articles and tv features was incredibly hard for the interested but unfortunately German-based viewer? A time where failing to record a show on your VHS meant that you probably had lost all chances of viewing said show unless you were really incredibly lucky and there was a re-run, or you happened to stumble across a kindred soul who had taped just the thing that you'd missed and was willing to share? Thus, when I was 17 I used to write very polite inquiries to German broadcasting stations, a lot. Would there be a re-run of X? Or was there any chance to perhaps acquire a copy of Y on VHS for a certain fee? Lucky for me, the necessity for writing those letters of inquiry lessened considerably over the years, mostly thanks to the emergence of the internet and all the wonderful possibilities and networking opportunities which it offered. If you are reading this, you probably know what I'm talking about *g*

But, guess what I just did only a couple of minutes ago... Yup. Wrote another one of those damned inquiries, at least in advance, as one tends to be more well-informed and organised with increasing age.

Recipient: ZDFKultur, a more culturally oriented sub branch of the ZDF (Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen, one of our main public-service television broadcasters). Unfortunately only available via satellite and cable, which I cannot receive for technical reasons.

The show in question: Abgeschminkt, 22./23.03. 2012, a brief documentary about German actor/artist/musician Robert Gwisdek, son of actors Corinna Harfouch and Michael Gwisdek.

Why would I possibly be interested in viewing this? : Well, Robert Gwisdek is interesting. Rather promising, highly talented actor, and judging by his interviews and music projects apparently also equipped with a very well-functioning brain. When Gwisdek's not busy acting, traveling or doing something entirely else, he is making something (under the pseud of KÄPTN PENG), that can only be described as inhabiting the borderland between "a type of music usually so not my cup of tea that I don't even know its proper name" and bloody brilliant, bizarre performance art video installations with rather unique lyrics.

Kreisfilm, Shaban & Käptn Peng on Youtube

One of my favourite vids
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Thanks to [ profile] cavendish's friend R., a professed music nerd in every sense of the word, we got tickets to Robert Wilson's version of Madame Butterfly at the Amsterdam Opera House. What better opportunity to combine a marvellous cultural event with a grand day out. Being an interested lay person, I've seen quite a few operas over the last couple of years, but never one which was staged so artistically convincing. Both the minimalist stage setting with its background of subtly lighted silk as well as the singers' reduced, ritualized movements gave the whole performance the flair of a traditional Japanese painting. The singers' voices, especially the lead soprano and tenor were easily among the best I have ever heard. A whole different class than what I'm used to from the undoubtedly solid "Deutsche Oper am Rhein".

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Before you start wondering, yes, it's that day of the year again, and as I just learned from [ profile] cavendish's mum, I do not only share the date with the much admired late Douglas Adams but also with German actor and quiz master Blacky Fuchsberger *g* Lots of thanks to everyone who congratulated and wished me a good time! So far, I've been having the most wonderful day, even the weather is playing along. Bright, cheerful skies, temperatures made for crocuses and the first blooming trees.

After an exquisite breakfast and the obligatory unwrapping of a few, carefully selected, well-chosen items, [ profile] cavendish and I headed off to attend a Baroque chamber music concert. Various composers. Historical instruments, ranging from violin over a wooden transverse flute to harpsichord. I wished I possessed the musical knowledge write anything detailed and sufficiently coherent about the composers and individual pieces. But as I unfortunately don't, you'll have to live with the short version.

Absolutely wonderful music, very harmonious and even-paced. There were an awful lot of pleased, happy faces and even a moment of laughter, caused by a cello with stage fright, whose A string kept sliding off the bridge *g*


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