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Most of you will probably know about the German language fanfic archive I created back in the late 1990s.

Here in Germany it was among the first of its kind. I posted my very first self-written stories there, invited readers and authors, and formed some of the best and long-lasting friendships of my entire online life. By the time I stopped archiving, the page hosted over 250 stories.

While I haven't updated the site in well over a decade, I've always prided myself that the archive has never been offline for longer than just a couple of minutes. Well, until very recently, that is. Because the page has been hacked and abused by spammers, so last week my webspace provider felt the necessity to take it down.

I've initiated all the necessary counter measures by now, and I figure it will only be a question of time until the old lady goes back online right where she belongs, but still...

I can't tell you how seriously annoyed I am by the whole affair. This old little archive may be just a tiny grain of sand in the grand ever changing virtual river called internet, but I'm feeling oddly protective of it.
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Only of concern for Star Trek fans who are able to read and understand German.

The review for the new Star Trek movie over at Spiegel Online contains a *major* spoiler.

Wenn ihr den Film ungespoilert sehen wollt, macht bloß einen riesen Bogen um diesen Artikel. Ernsthaft, Leute.
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If this weren't so scary, I'd actually find it rather amusing... People who commented on the German language article published in "Die Zeit" actually responded with quotes from Kubrick's 2001.

Here's a link to an English article over at CNN:

Ustream apologizes for killing Hugo Awards webcast

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Is it just me or is fandom - as represented on [ profile] metafandom - trying to collectively take the fun out of [ profile] yuletide and to make the organizers' life as miserable as can be? Orchestrated and on purpose?

Because for the casual reader, who has greatly enjoyed one or the other well-written Yuletide story over the past couple of years, it sure as hell seems like this was exactly the case.

I just browsed through the latest editions of Metafandom this morning, and good grief do they leave me frustrated, confused and annoyed, mostly because of the underlying sense of entitlement featured in several posts and also because of something that I, for lack of better words, can only dub "the grand thought-, creativity- and passion-stifling smoke screen of fannish correctness".

My own fannish socialization took place during the mid to late 1980s, quite a few years before the dawn of the internet and fandom-on-LJ would eventually set in.

From a certain, very old-fashioned and naively well-meaning perspective, debates like the current one about Yuletide kind of escape me.

ETA: to balance some of the negativity contained in this post, I should probably mention the things which have filled my old fannish heart with squee during the last weeks:

- accidentally discovering an issue of Moore's Watchmen in our *cough* "downstairs library" and reading [personal profile] selenak's old meta regarding the subject

- My ongoing nightly DS9 marathon (Cavendish and I have reached Season 4 by now)

- various interesting, creative, thought-provoking and constructive posts on many a topic that came to me via my f-list. F-list, you know who you are. Feel hugged.


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