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I’ve been wanting to post these pictures for over a week now, because they constitute such a wonderful case of real life weather conditions mimicking fiction. In the current season of Once Upon a Time the sky of the underworld to which Emma and her family have traveled looks just like this.

The view from my study at sunset, during a thunderstorm. Thunder from afar, the sky heavy and oppressive, the air glistening with rain. Only a tiny stretch of blue at the horizon. On a clearer day you would see a large iron bridge leading across the Rhine and also some industrial buildings on the other side of the river.

Completely out of focus, but this picture gives a much better impression of how it looked like when I went outside.

Oh, and speaking of my study, in case you are curious…

The desk where I type all my posts. Both the keyboard and the desk are antique. I purchased the keyboard in 1998, the desk is roughly one hundred fifty years older.

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A happy Easter to everybody out there! :-)

Easterly pictures ahead... )

In case you are wondering about the not quite so brightly coloured eggs: I was naive enough to believe that if you set out to buy egg dye the Saturday before Easter, the supermarket would actually still have some in stock. Surprise, surprise, everything sold out. So I had to resort to curcuma and beetroot...

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Greetings from a typically German Christmas Fair to everybody out there who's reading!

This picture postcard photo of Cavendish and me was taken a couple of days ago, by an automaton, at the Duisburg Christmas Fair. After such a long period of not really posting anything of substance I thought it would be nice to kick-start this whole journaling thing with something visual. :-)


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Mhm... The great and horrible picture spam of Bimo and Cavendish's holiday has got to be right ahead. At least that's what this walk description says...

Ah, here it is! )

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This afternoon, when I went out with Wesley, the Spaniel there were thick, heavy snowflakes falling down from the skies. If the weather forecast is right, Easter will be considerably warmer than last Christmas. Oh, parents with children of egg-seeking age, I really don't envy you at the moment.

But now for something more cheerful. I've been meaning to post these pictures ever since they were taken.

Look what I got from Cavendish as a birthday present )

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Heh, it's been nearly two weeks now, but I finally got around to resizing some of the pictures Cavendish took during the grand kitchen exchange...

Quite a difference )
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Ladies and gentlemen, as promised I hereby present our Hebridean picture spam (which is really just a small portion of all the pictures Cavendish has taken with his shiny new camera :-)

Quite a few pictures behind the cut )
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Because having a look at the writing desks of [ profile] joyful_molly and others made me want to share mine as well ...

Where there is a mug and a laptop there is home )

Cavendish undertaking certain emergency measures )

So his desk is looking like this ... )

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Today we are having "Siebenschlaefer", which is basically the German equivalent to the North American Groundhog Day as far as traditional weather lores go.

The two main differences though: The whole affair isn't about the arrival of Spring, it's about Summer. And demonstrating to the world that we are being exactly the bunch of peevish, overly thorough and overly serious people which everyone wants us to be, Germans do not rely on the behavioural quirks of cute little animals for their weather predictions. Oh no! Apparently it's all about empirical evidence drawn from century long observation for us.

Just look out of the window, my newspaper says. And if you see rain, you'll see rain for the next seven weeks. Statistically proven accuracy of this: about 60-70% (which, of course, can be easily translated into "just slightly higher than 'The weather might be dreadful, or it might not be dreadful'" *g*)

But as this morning, in fact, was the sixth rainy morning in one row...

For everyone who is as sick of this weather as I am, or otherwise in need of some virtual sunshine )

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Thanks to [ profile] cavendish's friend R., a professed music nerd in every sense of the word, we got tickets to Robert Wilson's version of Madame Butterfly at the Amsterdam Opera House. What better opportunity to combine a marvellous cultural event with a grand day out. Being an interested lay person, I've seen quite a few operas over the last couple of years, but never one which was staged so artistically convincing. Both the minimalist stage setting with its background of subtly lighted silk as well as the singers' reduced, ritualized movements gave the whole performance the flair of a traditional Japanese painting. The singers' voices, especially the lead soprano and tenor were easily among the best I have ever heard. A whole different class than what I'm used to from the undoubtedly solid "Deutsche Oper am Rhein".

Amsterdam Picture Spam )


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