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Just an idea from that split second before analytical thinking kicks in and kindly informs me that I’m chasing impossible butterflies, because OuaT and Neil Gaiman’s Sandman universe are really not all that compatible.

I’ve been nursing the thought before. There is this half-overheard conversation I have in my head. Two of Gaiman’s Endless (a family of timeless entities embodying universal concepts), the sisters Despair and Desire looking down on Killian Jones during his Neverland years, and discussing to whom of them he ultimately belongs. So far, so much for private fantasies and head!canons.

But now that OuaT has added an officially introduced “Realm of Untold Stories” to its evergrowing list of fictional worlds I’m beginning to wonder. What if they all, the various realms and everybody within them, every forest, castle, mountain, mouse and man were actually part of the Dreaming?

Sounds weird, yes? However it would account for quite a lot of the things going on.
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This morning, when I sat at the breakfast table, my mind still cozily wrapped in various layers of drowsiness, I had the oddest Farscape thought occuring seemingly out of nowhere.

Supposed, there is a crossover universe between Farscape and Neil Gaiman's Sandman series, which member of the Endless would each Farscape character be most likely to meet? And at which point of their respective lives would this encounter probably happen? I still haven't finished pondering on this but here is what I came up with so far )

[ profile] cavendish, I thought I'd better use cut-tags, since the post contains one or two details about the later seasons. So read at your own risk ;-)


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