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If the city of London were an artwork, I bet it would be a true Jackson Pollock. A huge, breathtaking canvass, filling space, filling time. Bustling with the energy captured, of one million paint sprays. Throwing the full force of motion, of colour, right into your face.

Orientation only comes from looking at traces and layers and axes. Find your fixed points yourself, navigate, rotate along your interests and passion. Regardless whatever excites you, tickles your brain or simply amuses, just follow along and enjoy, because on each street corner there’s plenty.

To pay full respect to all the places we went to, or to cover at least half of the amazing things we have seen, would take me hours.

So just this:

Weather was fine (mostly), and we walked quite a lot. There’s a nice little company offering guided tours. Themed walks, walks through various parts of the city. Altogether highly recommendable.

Yay for compulsive collectors, because they are the source of amazing museums!

Meeting with [ profile] kathyh at Sir John Soane's was priceless, and so was chatting with [ profile] vastan at Piccadilly Circus, out in the rain.

A much too short visit to the Tate Modern. The entrance hall completely blows me each time I’m there.

I had the most wonderful time, tracing the 18th century. Paintings, houses and street fronts. A harpsichord in action. Historically correct naval uniforms and port wine. The sunny meadows of Greenwich.

Movies and Theatre:

I’m Not There (Bob Dylan biopic, as fascinating as it is flawed)

Glengarry Glenn Ross (Which had mostly raised my curiosity, because I had seen the movie version of it some years ago. Also, the additional benefits of very fine actors live on stage, including Papa Swann as Shelley Levene. [ profile] cavendish, though, didn't nearly enjoy Mamet's play as much as I did)
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Thanks to [ profile] cavendish's friend R., a professed music nerd in every sense of the word, we got tickets to Robert Wilson's version of Madame Butterfly at the Amsterdam Opera House. What better opportunity to combine a marvellous cultural event with a grand day out. Being an interested lay person, I've seen quite a few operas over the last couple of years, but never one which was staged so artistically convincing. Both the minimalist stage setting with its background of subtly lighted silk as well as the singers' reduced, ritualized movements gave the whole performance the flair of a traditional Japanese painting. The singers' voices, especially the lead soprano and tenor were easily among the best I have ever heard. A whole different class than what I'm used to from the undoubtedly solid "Deutsche Oper am Rhein".

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Even from a few days' distance I'm  not really sure what amazed me most about the short trip to London. The fact that I indeed managed to see a certain well-known ex-Jedi live on stage, or the sheer multitude of great experiences [ profile] cavendish and I tried to squeeze into what was probably a  too short period of time.

As a show Guys and Dolls is a definite winner. Charming plot, delightful tunes, breathtaking choreography, and above all an abolutely marvellous ensemble. Ham  House, the 17th century mansion we visited on our "day out" was equally impressive, though on a completely different level *g*

Oh, and let's not forget meeting up with [ profile] vashtan . I only wish  the last day and our visit at the National Portrait Gallery had been less chaotic. Well, we can always try again, can't we? If you are reading this, just drop me line when you know more details about your stay in Essen. 

But now off to the brief Doctor Who story which has been mentioned in this posting's headline

The 5th Doctor and Tegan, stranded... )
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Yesterday evening, [ profile] cavendish and I celebrated the 10th anniversary of our first encounter (i.e. real encounter, not just walking past each other on campus or accidentally taking the same literature classes. Imagine two students on a university field trip to Portsmouth, a small local museum, and such an intriguing conversation about the displayed items that, by the time the two students had finally found their way to the exit, almost everybody else had already left...)

And guess what this generous, inventive and perfectly insane person organized as an anniversary present: A four day mini-vacation in London including two tickets for Guys and Dolls, a musical currently starring Ewan McGregor! While I normally refrain from using onomatopoetic expressions in this LJ: Squeee! Ten times squeee! A squee so excited and cheerful that it carries from here to the other side of the channel!

(A side note for the Londoners on my f-list: Our traveling dates are: October, 1st - October, 4th. If you'd like to meet with us during these days, just drop a quick note.We'd be delighted to see you!)


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