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1. You begin re-reading Treasure Island.

2. You try installing the 2004 edition of Sid Meier’s Pirates! on your shiny Windows 10 PC only to realize that the game, quite miraculously, is running more smoothly than ever. During an afternoon of nostalgic bliss and cheerful plundering you memorize the exact shape and position of Nassau. Seeing Jack Rackham included in the game’s Top Ten Pirates Ever list is making you cheer.

More side effects likely to follow.

Now, the computer game that I’d really love to play is a 1715 Age of Empires Special Edition located in the Caribbean… *g*

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I already spotted this meme a couple of days ago over at [ profile] kathyh 's and finally found the time to do it properly :-)

Lots of stuff about me and my journal... )

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To cut some nostalgic ramblings short )

Hi there, over at Greatestjournal I'm bimo_gj.
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Just read over at Spiegel Online that German actress/voice actress Elisabeth Volkmann has been found dead in her Munich flat

She's been the German voice of Marge Simpson for over a decade, and strangely enough one of my very first conscious television memories. I still can see her as the shrill, neurotic mother of the "Klimbim family" (Klimbim was a somewhat bawdy comedy show we had in the 70s and early 80s). I wasn't allowed to watch that programme, but once managed to catch a few glimpses of one of their sketches. Someone (uncle? aunt?) pointed out to me that the actress' last name was the same as my mother's maiden name.

You never expect the TV people you grow up with to die, don't you


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