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If the city of London were an artwork, I bet it would be a true Jackson Pollock. A huge, breathtaking canvass, filling space, filling time. Bustling with the energy captured, of one million paint sprays. Throwing the full force of motion, of colour, right into your face.

Orientation only comes from looking at traces and layers and axes. Find your fixed points yourself, navigate, rotate along your interests and passion. Regardless whatever excites you, tickles your brain or simply amuses, just follow along and enjoy, because on each street corner there’s plenty.

To pay full respect to all the places we went to, or to cover at least half of the amazing things we have seen, would take me hours.

So just this:

Weather was fine (mostly), and we walked quite a lot. There’s a nice little company offering guided tours. Themed walks, walks through various parts of the city. Altogether highly recommendable.

Yay for compulsive collectors, because they are the source of amazing museums!

Meeting with [ profile] kathyh at Sir John Soane's was priceless, and so was chatting with [ profile] vastan at Piccadilly Circus, out in the rain.

A much too short visit to the Tate Modern. The entrance hall completely blows me each time I’m there.

I had the most wonderful time, tracing the 18th century. Paintings, houses and street fronts. A harpsichord in action. Historically correct naval uniforms and port wine. The sunny meadows of Greenwich.

Movies and Theatre:

I’m Not There (Bob Dylan biopic, as fascinating as it is flawed)

Glengarry Glenn Ross (Which had mostly raised my curiosity, because I had seen the movie version of it some years ago. Also, the additional benefits of very fine actors live on stage, including Papa Swann as Shelley Levene. [ profile] cavendish, though, didn't nearly enjoy Mamet's play as much as I did)
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As the end of the year is fast approaching and I've seen several people taking the opportunity to post self-reflexive entries on their writing: What do you do with the stories that never quite made it? I am not speaking about the unfinished ones, but rather the ones that you finished but chose to hold back for one reason or other.

There's this silly, old PotC ficlet that has rummaging around at the back of my mind ever since I re-read it and tinkered with it a couple of days ago. The story is taking place in the same future universe as Distant Figure, only about fifteen years earlier, during the late 1780s, and we've got Gillette in London, all on his own and not very happy. Doubtlessly an absolute niche piece, so disjointed and overladen with historical references that I didn't really wish to inflict it on any beta, just for the sake of the two or three readers that this particular story might eventually get.

And still the whole affair continues to bug me...
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To shovel two brief, but intriguing PotC character vignettes from one corner of my f-list to the other:

Covenant by [ profile] fabu. A touching portrait of Weatherby Swann meeting his baby daughter for the very first time. Clearly one those rare universal stories that work regardless whether one knows the sequels. And if you think you can stomach a little AWE canon, there's also Sea-Change, a story by the same author, which gives the reader a marvellous glimpse of what goes on in Jack's head while he is trapped in Davy Jones' locker.

(One of the really strange things I've noticed about my complicated relationship with PotC: At World's End: My frustrations regarding the treatment of certain well-liked characters luckily don't stretch into fanfic)

Oh, and before I forget it:

In about a week, from July, 9th to July, 18th, [ profile] cavendish and I will be on a holiday trip to Scotland. And yay, apart from some very basic travel information, he still hasn't got the slightest clue as to where exactly we are going, because when I booked everything, I kept the locations secret as a surprise ;-)
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When amazing stories inspire slightly expressionist fanart of questionable quality...

Portrait of Captain Andrew Thomas Gillette )

Coloured pencils (water soluble) and ink.

[ profile] galadhir, [ profile] joyful_molly, you might wish to deny any responsibility, but nevertheless this one is for you, ladies ;-)

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To help AWE newcomers find their way into the Pirates of the Caribbean fandom, [ profile] fabu is currently compiling an addendum to her original starter set of Potc fanfic recs, and is therefore specifically looking for "suggestions of stories that will be accessible to new folks who aren't necessarily familiar with fanon or other fandom specific information".

Having entered PotC just last summer, right at the height of the grand DMC inrush, I've found the original list one of the warmest and most useful introductions to a new fandom that I have ever received.The benefit I've drawn from it, both as a reader and as a fan seeking out conversation with other fans, was immensely.

Thus, I'd very much like the new wave of people entering the fandom to share the very same positive experience that I've had. If you've got any favourite stories meeting the "suitable for newbies, no previous fanon knowledge required" criteria, hop over to [ profile] fabu's and share them :-)

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And the tender, delicate saga of blossoming friendship between Governor and young naval officer continues... (Again wrapped in ultra-short prose, and this time also including the Governor's daughter *g*)

PotC Drabble: Parents )

A handful of random Doctor Who observations:

Doctor Who. Mildly spoilerish, but only for those who haven't already seen the latest episodes and next week's trailer )
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To salute the astounding PotC drabbles sprouting all over my flist at the moment, here is a first one from me *g*

Prompt: Water
Characters: Weatherby Swann, James Norrington
Rating: PG
Word Count: 100

Lots of thanks to the kind folks at [ profile] rough_magic who helped me to spot un-english phrasings :-)

Water )
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Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Title: Season of Grief
Characters: Will Turner, Weatherby Swann
Summary: Just a short piece about Will and Swann dealing with the aftermath of the Dauntless catastrophe
Rating: PG
Author's Note: To the amazing [ profile] fabu, who fed this story a carrot when it was just a wee little plotbunny and later pointed out the finished text's strengths as well as its shortcomings :-)

Season of Grief )

ETA: This is the first time I ever crossposted something to [ profile] pirategasm. Wish me luck, guys. According to their user info, they've got over 1200 members ...
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[ profile] selenak wrote an interesting essay called The Insignificant Other, in which she analyzes the role and frequent abuse of the romantic rival as a plot device "solely inserted to heighten the angst between the movie's/show's leading couple, and inevitably [ending] up either revealed as evil or dismissed as unworthy [...]."

Hand in hand with various examples of popular stereotypes, a whole range of unworthy competitors who disqualify themselves by being either evil, boring, or somewhat insane, goes the implicit blueprint for characters who, despite being set up as rivals, have escaped from that particular fate.

When Selena writes:

"Male variations of The Insignificant Other usually aren't evil, unless they are Prince Humperdinck in The Princess Bride, and The Princess Bride is such a lovely homage and send up that it's impossible to mind. No, instead male variations are dismissed as "safe", "boring", not worthy of the heroine's affection as opposed to the exciting, dangerous hero."

this not only summarizes existing cliches, but in my opinion also serves as a good explanation of what makes a character like James Norrington from the movie PotC: Curse of the Black Pearl so very outstanding. Norrington works, and in fact has managed to draw a considerable fan following of his own (including yours truly *g*), because he comes across as someone with a life of his own, who, under different circumstances and in a different constellation of characters, would have easily made a very fine romantic hero. He's three-dimensional, equipped with an exciting profession, and possesses weaknesses as well as strengths. The amount of insecurity and concern he is showing clearly marks him as a caring human being, worthy of being loved in return; if not by his romantic interest Elizabeth Swann then by somebody else.

A fact, which even the creative powers behind PotC must admit in the end by letting Jack Sparrow tease poor Norrington with the words "I was rooting for you."

So far for the theory, now for the fan art *g*

[ profile] sinningia has drawn an awesome portrait of DMC Norrington, which conveys a whole range emotions due to its wonderfully "windswept" and rather expressionist style. Go and see for yourself!
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Just a random thought that occurred to me during coffee break...

What if PotC and BtVS were actually set in the very same fictitious universe with a nice, powerful Hellmouth located on some volcano island close to Jamaica?

I guess this would make a good explanation for the unusual amount of supernatural activities going on in the Caribbean waters. The curses, the undead and resurrected, the abundance of prophecies, destiny and magic. Lizzy Swann could be a dormant Slayer. A still single Darla with Angelus not yet sired, could run into Norrington...

*sighs* Too bad I'm too caught up in real life responsibilities right now to think this one through properly.
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Just a tiny bit of fluff that I came up with, while the longer story is still caught up in re-write hell. Rather sweet and not very serious in nature *g*

Title: Last Rites
Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
Characters: Groves, Norrington
Summary: Theodore Groves looks after his captain
Rating: PG
Author's Notes: Lots of thanks to the fabulous [ profile] fabu who proofread this one for me :-)

Last Rites )
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Yup, Bimo, the notoriously slow ficlet writer is trying her hands at a longer story again. 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Very mild Norrington/Elizabeth romance, set about 2-3 months prior to the events of 'Curse of the Black Pearl' with lots of Swann and period details. Planned deadline: New Year's Day. If this counter thingie turns out any helpful for focussing on the actual outpout instead of on the permament brooding, self-questioning and deletion of perfectly good text, I'll sure as hell use it for real life projects as well.

I so need to break out of that nice, cozy, slowly suffocating cocoon of self-imposed unproductivity.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meter
600 / 4,000

Oh, and just in case you are interested in how things are going: All updates on the word count will be posted as comments right to this entry, as I don't wish to spam everybody's LJs with my writing woes ;-)
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James Norrington receives a visit from Governor Swann. Starts out rather run-of-the-mill for my tastes, but after the first page heads off into a completely different direction *g*

Lots of thanks to [ profile] classics_lover, who kindly volunteered as a beta :-)

On the Swift Execution of Trust )
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First the rec...

A series of vignettes on Murtogg, Mullroy, Gillette and Groves by [ profile] sinningia

If you enjoyed the supporting naval characters of Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl don't miss out on this. Each of these vignettes is a poignant and touching little gem, nailing down the characters' very essence in a beautifully clear and efficient language.

And now the translation... Remember the short German Norrington story I posted a couple of weeks ago? Well [ profile] galadhir suggested to get my first, rough translation polished and to make it available to the English-speaking corners of fandom.

'Til Death Do Us... )
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Actually, I'm quite tempted to go and watch PotC: Dead Man's Chest for a second time. A nearby multiplex is continuing to offer the movie in English. I just loved the complex, very fluid and ever changing constellation of characters. The way allies and enemies were continually being tossed into the air, only to find themselves in all sorts of new combinations and sometimes also equipped with a completely new set of motivations, is just amazing and clearly worth a second, more thorough analysis, if you ask me.

I'm a bloody fan girl, after all. One who possibly couldn't get enough of Norrington and Elizabeth, an Elizabeth who is in so many ways exactly like Jack. The amazing ships and sea monsters, Cutler Becket, Bootstrap Bill, Barbossa, the witch in the swamp…

Would I like to go, re-watch, enjoy, analyse and squee? Yes, anytime you want.

If it only weren't for the openly racist elements contained in the scenes at the cannibal island. I talked about this to [ profile] cavendish, and also, though rather briefly to [ profile] aislingde when we met yesterday afternoon at a local town fair.

The cannibal island scenes kind of spoil the whole movie for me. Up to a point where I don't really wish to support crap like that by buying a second ticket, and where I've begun to ponder on Disney's history with racism. The portrayal of the Huns in Mulan. The portrayal of the Indians in Peter Pan. The mere existence of Pocahontas


Edited to add: Thankfully my f-list is small and perfectly gorgeous, and my LJ rather unknown, so I know I'm not going to end up on [ profile] metafandom for an entry that is, at least between the lines, a musing about a personal boycott.
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Norrington and Elizabeth, shortly after they meet at the Tavern...

Bis dass der Tod... )


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