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My non-spoilery impression in a nutshell: Viewed and loved, for all its Star Wars-y flair. Heroes, mentors, planets, droids, and Space Nazis. Yup, everything just as it ought to be.

As someone whose focal point has always been Obi-Wan Kenobi (in both original trilogy and prequels alike), I was somewhat worried whether the new characters would manage to intrigue me. But, hey, they did, with flying colours.

One or two spoilery observations )


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Originally begun as a reply to [ profile] eretria 's request for the character meme that I posted a couple of days ago. But somehow my answer got longer and longer ... ;-)  I fear I need to apologize for taking so long to reply. This turned out to be a bit more of a challenge than I first thought; however it also turned out to be a great deal of fun!


So, five ideas/concepts regarding Obi-Wan:


1.) Rooted in Guinness. Being born in the mid 1970s as the daughter of an avid sci-fi fan, I got introduced to SW at a rather young and impressionable age, years before the new movies came out. So, as a consequence, regardless how much I might enjoy and adore Ewan McGregor's portrayal (and good grief, do I adore both Mr. McGregor and what he did with the character;-)), my personal take on Obi-Wan goes back all the way to Alec Guinness's performance.


2.) Keen sense of failure. Whenever I think of Obi-Wan, the image that first comes to my mind is that of Obi-Wan the hermit, who, after long years in his desert exile, has come to terms with his failures, his inadequacies and guilt. There is a strong sense of personal responsibility about him. For him, Palpatine's rise to power, Anakin's succumbing to the Dark Side and the extinction of the old Jedi Order are all part of the same inevitable causal chain that he belongs to and even partly helped set in motion through his personal failings.


3.) Atonement and ruthlessness. Upon meeting Luke, Obi-Wan becomes  fully aware that the teenage boy might not only present a last chance at defeating Palpatine and Anakin-turned-Vader, but also a last chance at personal atonement. And thus, he lies to Luke about Vader. The fine art of manipulation is something which comes easier to him than it should actually come to a Jedi.


4.) Always the theorist. Introvert rather than extrovert. While certainly capable of deep, heartfelt emotions ( his spiritual love for the Force, his love for Qui-Gon, for Anakin) he tends to be somewhat emotionally distant, more drawn to spiritual and intellectual challenges/experiences than to physical/emotional ones.


5.) Helplessness and despair. Losing his mentor Qui-Gon shook him to his very core and it took Obi-Wan a lot of time and personal growth to cope with his new role as Anakin's master.


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The latest chapter of the ongoing saga of Bimo vs. the great and horrible Force.Net's Fanfiction Archive:

I finally summed up the nerve to re-submit the improved version of Lost Saint, even though there's something about my initial reviewer's final comment, which tells me my litte Obi-Wan vignette is probably in for just another "we are terribly sorry but it was really close call" rejection.

Do I care? Well, sort of. I put a lot of work into the piece, as did several other amazingly kind and talented people. So, naturally, I'd love to see the result of these efforts posted at the pretty and popular showcase called TFN, instead of watching the vignette drown at, anonymous and ignored, between thousands of other publications of varying quality.

Lost Saint, final version, any person suggesting fleshing out the narrative or smoothening the sentence structure will be shot on sight *g*  )

My special thanks go to [ profile] eretria for translating the original German version into English, [ profile] kathyh for her kind and insightful feedback and [ profile] quiller77 for being such an incredibly good and inspiring "second run" beta reader :-)
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I picked this one up via [ profile] selenak. There is a cute little meme, also sponsored by [ profile] andrastewhite:

Rec-Go-Round: Rec me one short story you've written that you're proud of, any genre, here in my LJ. Then go forth and ask the same in yours.

As far as my English stories are concerned my pick would most certainly be Shadows, a bittersweet, somewhat sentimental Star Wars vignette about Obi-Wan's first days as Anakin's new master. The story, written post AotC, was basically my attempt of nailing the complex relationship between the two Jedi in a nutshell.

Though readers might not notice it at first, I did an awful lot of detail work with that piece and it is not so much "written" but rather "composed" like a poem or portrait. Getting it published at the renowned's Fan Fiction Archive" nearly killed me.

If you really undergo the trouble of checking it out, please take your time and also have a look at the cover I painted *g* )


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